Lexapro or citalopram

Erowid Experience Vaults Escitalopram <em>Lexapro</em> & <em>Citalopram</em>.

Erowid Experience Vaults Escitalopram Lexapro & Citalopram. A licensed psychotherapist since 2000, Wolf counsels individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, body image, parenting, aging and LGBTQ issues. An Experience with Escitalopram Lexapro & Citalopram Celexa. 'Early Comparison of Celexa and Lexapro' by Ady.

Difference between <i>lexapro</i> and <i>citalopram</i>? -

Difference between lexapro and citalopram? - Maura Wolf's published online articles focus on women, children, parenting, non-traditional families, companion animals and mental health. Answers question resolved - Posted in lexapro, paxil, citalopram - Answer They are in the same family.

Bipolar SSRIs and Side Effects <i>Lexapro</i>, Zoloft, Celexa, and More

Bipolar SSRIs and Side Effects Lexapro, Zoloft, Celexa, and More In every pregnancy, a woman starts out with a 3-5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect. This sheet talks about whether exposure to citalopram/escitalopram may increase the risk for birth defects above that background risk. Information on the treatment of bipolar disorder with SSRI antidepressants such as Prozac and Paxil.

Lexapro or citalopram:

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